Wellness Coaching Days




The purpose behind and the main intention of «Wellness Coaching Days» is to equip all its participants with the exact tools and ideas they need while working on how to simply feel better every day. These sessions aim to offer you the chance to experience excellent physical health, a calm mind, and a clear, goal-achieving state of being.




New Year, New You
The New Year is almost here, at your doorstep. Have you given any thought to the actual way you want to experience your self this year?  Have you made clear, to yourself, what is the one thing you want to absolutely have? Join Konstantinos in this session and find ways to navigate your life with tools that will teach you to have more physical energy, mental clarity, and the strength to fulfill all your goals. Gain power and inspiration and feel uplifted like never before! Together with Konstantinos, you will set a definite action plan that will enable you to live each day better than the last, filled with awareness and productivity. You will also be offered tips and tricks on how to maintain the balance and not give in to dietary temptations during your holidays, but rather keep up with a good routine.  You deserve the best. Come and learn how to get it.

This is a FREE event as a gift for the New Year. Click here to sign up Now   (*These events are offered in Greek Language)



Wake up your productivity
It is a brand new day; we are already into a new, more productive +year. Turn the page and simply wake up your inner abilities. Here is what this session is designed to do for you: It will enable you to be more productive and clear, so as to finally move forward in all areas in your life. Together we will work on how to create a daily routine that will set you up for sure success. It is right there, at arm’s reach. Can you see it and identify yourself with it?



About Love
What are you looking for, in love? What are your own, unique qualities that you bring to the equation? Do you undermine them or do you promote them? Inline yourself with your unlimited potential, discover your personal needs and take action today, fulfilling your heart’s deepest desire.



Change your mind, change your life
Did you know that the mind, in all its capacity to respond to different circumstances, is what builds our own private world, the life we live?  Come and discover the frames and structures in which your unique mind is functioning and learn a new technology that will boost your abilities to their highest state, in order to create the positive change your life is craving for.



Detox and set your self for high energy
April signifies the time of year that we move from winter to spring. A big transition is happening in nature, everything around you is heading towards a lighter, brighter and more uplifting state. This is the perfect time of the year to let your self enjoy and fully participate in this great transition. Join this session and you will find ways and learn methods to cleanse both your body and your mind, in order to welcome summer, as you leave back the heaviness of winter. Become fresh, clean and bright!

Τι λένε οι συμμετέχοντες για την εμπειρία τους

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Mind your Mind

Αυτό είναι ένα podcast για εσάς! Εδώ μοιράζομαι μαζί σας τρόπους για να εμπνευστείτε, να παρακινηθείτε, να βελτιώσετε τον εαυτό σας.  

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