Mystical Tibet

Magical Yoga Journey



A once in a lifetime experience

Tibet, known as the roof of the world, is one of those destinations that can compare to no other. I am inviting you to a deep exploration of a mystical yoga experience, in a land impregnated with spirituality and ancient history.

Our carefully designed schedule will give you the true sense of this unique region. You will observe rituals, mingle with pilgrims and authentically connect with local people and traditions.

Moreover, you will get the chance to admire wondrous Buddhist monasteries and temples, religious hermitage cliffs, amazing turquoise lakes, and sacred mountains. The feeling of practicing yoga and deep meditation in Tibet cannot be put into words. Expect it to have a unique calming and enlightening effect on you!

At the end of this journey, the combination of the practices and magical vibes of the surroundings will awake your inner spirituality. If you are seeking for a meaningful journey that will enrich your life and nourish your body, mind, and soul join me this fall. I am waiting for you, to guide you in a once in a lifetime experience.

Τι λένε οι συμμετέχοντες για την εμπειρία τους

Διαβάστε εδώ τις εμπειρίες, τις εντυπώσεις και τις απόψεις παλαιότερων συμμετεχόντων σε παρόμοια events, και δείτε μέσα απο τα μάτια τους τι σημαίνει να γίνεσαι κομμάτι μιας τέτοιας εμπειρίας.

Η επένδυσή σας

Our carefully designed schedule will give you the true sense of this unique region. Including all flights, 5 star hotels accommodation, private transportations, all meals, excursions and sightseeing and always with the highest standards that Konstantinos holds in his retreats. 

 You can see the hotels we are staying in here: 

  • The deadline to register and form the group is until July 10.  If you are interested request the detailed program here: [email protected]



Online group coaching για βελτίωση της Νοο-τροπίας

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