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Yoga Retreat in Turkey with Zeyneb Uras and Konstantinos Charantiniotis



Yoga Retreat in Turkey with Zeyneb Uras and Konstantinos Charantiniotis

We learn from one another, we laugh, and we evolve. We have taught together many times in retreats, workshops, and training. We will share yoga together throughout our lives. This year we welcome you to Akyaka. You will know in your heart how you are never alone and how the practice on and off the mat will always enable you to live your life authentically. Your healing, is universe’s healing.



Yenice Vadi , Muğla

Daily schedule

Arrival, Thurday September 22

16:00 – 19:30 opening circle, practice with Zeyneb and Konstantinos

19:00 Dinner

Friday September 23

08.00 Morning Meditation

09:00 – Yoga Asana with Konstantinos

11:00 – Breakfast

13:00 – Azmak River and Lemongrass coffee break

17:00 – Practice with Zeyneb and the Music Medicine, Dimitrios

19:00 – Dinner

Saturday September 24

08.00 Morning Meditation

09:00 – Yoga Asana with Zeyneb

11:00 – Breakfast

13:00 – Hicking at the Yenice Valley

15:00 – Practice with Konstantinos / closing circle Zeyneb and the Music Medicine, Dimitrios
Per person |  Room Choices 

•Rooms w/ Terrace | double : 400 euro | single: 450 euro
•Rooms w/ Balcony | double : 450 euro | single: 485 euro
•Bungalows 2 people sharing : 450 euro | single: 485
Bungalow 3 people sharing  : 380 euro
•Vadi cottages (baby tree, stone houses, oleander) : 485 euro (no single stay allowed)
What is included
* 2 nights, 3 days accommodation
* Morning & evening classes
* Breakfast, light lunch, vegetarian dinner @ vadi
*Azmak tour/transfer to the river
What is Not included 
*Plane tickets, airport transfers
*Traveler’s insurance
How to Register 
1.Send us an email: [email protected]
2.We will share the bank account info
3.Email us the deposit info/your name/who are you staying with and their info
4.Wait for a confirmation email for your reservation.
*can pay the remaining amount at the hotel. if paid with cc + bank fee will be reflected on the total.
Cancellation / Refund: In cases of Covid, the deposit will be used for the next camp or hotel accommodation. In cancellations other than these situations, the deposit cannot be refunded.
If you have any questions about anything, please send us an email [email protected] or whatsapp/call: + 90 538 4534643

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