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Through my Mentoring and Coaching for Wellness sessions, my purpose is to support individuals with their goals, by providing a deeper understanding of themselves and the environments in which they operate. I am confident that my approach will enable you to succeed your goals, achieve your desired state of health and wellbeing and even overcome those obstacles that hold you back from getting what you really want and deserve in life.

I have spent over 25 years studying and gathering knowledge from diverse fields of expertise such as physical education, nutrition, Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, psychology, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Timeline Therapy™ and Hypnosis.

These diverse experiences are channeled through a nexus represented in my Mentoring and Coaching for Wellness that is here to support you in reaching your highest goals. Through personal experience, I have a strong understanding of the demands of modern life and high pressure working environments. This led me to create a system, which brings together modern science and timeless traditional wisdom in a simple, accessible and unique way. I constantly explore, research, experiment, and draw upon all of my life experiences to enable my clients to develop, grow and evolve.

Repeat anything long enough and it will start to become you.

I believe that personal life, work, relationships, and health goals are inextricably linked and therefore should be looked at holistically. Therefore, I aim to create a safe, non-judgemental space in which to work with my clients, supporting them to build more self-awareness and to understand the power they have within as I strongly believe in the inherent human potential that lies inside us all.

Working with me is about designing transformational action plans that yield positive change and long lasting results.
I view coaching as a partnership built on mutual trust and honesty. It is an enlightening process in which you will be both challenged and supported.
I am passionate and look forward to working with those individuals who want to look beneath the surface. If you are someone who seeks simply more energy and wellbeing or professional achievement, together we can create a plan to suit your needs and create a life of success, power, and purpose.

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