konstantinos charantiniotis

Who am I

konstantinos charantiniotis

Who am I

Konstantinos is a Holistic Wellness Coach and Mentor, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner and devoted father who has dedicated his life to personal transformation.

Teaching and coaching since 1996, with a wealth of experience and practice in health, nutrition and the science of movement, Konstantinos is passionate about awakening people to their unlimited potential.
Known for his playful, intelligent and passionate way of teaching, he has guided thousands of individuals through his classes, trainings and coaching sessions to navigate their daily life with more ease.

Incorporating Yogic philosophy, Ayurveda, and western psychology, Konstantinos’s holistic approach is inclusive and influences all aspects of life. Blending modern science and timeless wisdom in a unique way, he mentors individuals to explore the deepest corners of the inner mind, enabling them to live mindfully and in deep alignment with their values. Through his private Holistic Wellness coaching sessions he invites people to explore the body-mind relationship and cultivate a more balanced life as well as empower them to succeed in their goals.

He also offers tailored Achievement Coaching, Business Trainings and seminars on NLP, communication skills, and goal-setting for companies and organizations.

Living and practicing in Athens, Konstantinos is a widely renowned international teacher and the founder and director of studies at Bhavana Yoga Centre. He travels, leads trainings, workshops, retreats and serves a worldwide community.

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