Online Fall Detox Retreat – in english

Oct 30 - Nov 01

Enjoy a deep detox experience from the comfort of your own home

After the great success of Spring’s Online Detox Retreat, the program returns for its Fall edition, first time held in English language. I invite you to a holistic detox experience, designed to fulfill fundamental human needs. My promise to you is, that by the end of this program you will feel more functional, in body and mind.

Why participate in an online detox retreat?

The literal meaning of the word retreat isan act of moving back or withdrawing. It is all about making a pause to restore and recharge. There is a say: “If you listen to your body and mind when they whisper, you won’t have to hear them scream”.  A detox retreat is the action that helps you listen to your needs on time and satisfy them.

Even when you don’t have the opportunity to get away on an island or a mountainside for a detox retreat, it is really important to find the time, to help your body cleanse itself.  Autumn is the ideal time of the year, to detox and make a smooth transition to Winter.

Let us be honest! It is easy to get caught up by modern life’s fast pace and even though you desire to slow down and take care of your needs, you may find yourself not fully committed. An online detox retreat with complete guidance, daily routines, body and mind cleansing practices, and live online sessions, will definitely help you commit to a holistic detox experience, while you enjoy the comfort of your home.

Moreover, the way I design my online wellness programs offers a rare and precious chance to discover how a different version of your daily life would be like.  Imagine exploring new experiences such as detox meal preparation, mindful eating practices, journaling exercises, yoga, pranayama and meditation. That gives you the opportunity to immediately apply these experiences in your daily life. Not in a resort, somewhere far away. After the retreat, it will be so much easier to adopt some of these good habits and permanently make positive changes.

What is included in the program

You will participate in a daily program that includes:

  • Υοga/Asana classes in the morning and afternoon
  • Pranayama in the morning and afternoon
  • Meditation in the morning and afternoon
  • Philosophy speeches about Ayurveda and Detox
  • Detox daily menu preparation and mindful eating practices
  • Cleansing routines and practices for both body and mind

I promise that if you follow for three days this program and practices, you will enjoy a deep mental and physical detox experience. You will experience clarity, lightness, and connection with the center of your Self.

In addition, you will receive:

  • A full daily program
  • A complete guide (PDF) with practices and exercises such as space decluttering, cultivation of good habits and beneficial mindset
  • A booklet (PDF) with delicious, detoxifying Fall recipes and the menu of the retreat, with detailed instructions on how to prepare tasty, nutritious meals
  • A complete guide (PDF) with detox routine and practices which you will follow and apply during the retreat

As you can see, you will be 100% equipped with everything you need for this retreat. All this material will be at your disposal at any time. So, when in the future you wish to repeat some of these practices, you can use this material as your guide.

What is needed to participate

The only thing you need to do is keep the following promise towards yourself: “I will participate in the program with consistency”.

That means you will need to follow a specific daily program and instructions during the whole day. Not just for the online sessions that we will do live together.

These instructions have to do with:

  1. exercises I recommend you to do
  2. digital detox practices
  3. the daily routine you need to follow

I urge you to follow the program from “A to Z” in the same way you would follow the instructions in a “classic” retreat.  So, dedicate the dates October 30, 31 & November 1 to your self-care. As a result, you will return to your daily life feeling healthier, inspired, and renewed.

The Daily Program *

*The teacher may adjust the program, if necessary, in order to ensure the best possible experience for the participants

Friday October 30

16:00 – Orientation &  Presentation about the purpose of the program (Live)

17:30 – 19:30 – Yoga – Pranayama – Meditation Practice (Live)

19:30 – Detox Dinner *

20:30 – Evening routine*

21:30 – Bedtime

Saturday October 31

6:30 – Waking up in silence and morning routine*

8:00 – 10:00 – Yoga – Pranayama – Meditation Practice (Live)

10:30 – Detox Breakfast*


12:00 – 13:00 Philosophy and Meditation Practice (Live)

14:00 – Detox Lunch*


17:30 – 19:30 – Yoga – Pranayama – Meditation Practice (Live)

19:30 – Detox Dinner*

20:30 – Evening routine*

21:30 – Bedtime

Sunday November 01                                         

6:30 – Waking up in silence and morning routine*

8:00 – 10:00 – Yoga – Pranayama – Meditation Practice (Live)

10:30 – Detox Breakfast*


12:00 – 13:00 Philosophy and Meditation Practice  (Live)

14:00 – Detox Lunch*


16:00 – 17:30 – Yoga – Pranayama – Meditation Practice (Live)

17:30 -18:30 Closing circle / Review of the retreat, Q&A about detox and nutrition (Live)

NOTE: For the practices with * you will be given full guidance and instructions

Your investment

Participation at the Online Detox Retreat is 200€  (vat included). You can benefit from early bird price at 180 € if you book your spot until September 30nth. 

The Online Detox Retreat is held in English language. The sessions are live, and you may participate from anywhere in the world! During the online sessions, there will be teacher – student interaction through video. For this reason, the spots are limited.

Book your spot now!

For registrations or any other information, please contact including your NAME – SURNAME – CONTACT NUMBER .

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