«The Luminous Self» – A unique yoga experience in the land of the Centaurs

June 24 - June 28

 A Special Summer Yoga Retreat Konstantinos Charantiniotis

When: 24-28 June

Where: Mount Pelion, Greece

Price: 900€ (price per person in a double room)

*This Retreat is held in English language

Imagine yourself diving into an alternative summer experience. Something like a transformative and rejuvenating program based on the healing power of the mountain. Konstantinos Charantiniotis invites you to follow him to Mount Pelion, one of the most beautiful and mystical mountains in Greece.

Mount Pelion took its name from the mythical king Peleus, father of Achilles. It is the homeland of centaurs, the mythical race of wise creatures, that according to the legends were half human – half horse.

The theme of this Retreat

Centaur is the Latin name for the Greek word Kentavros, which literally means “the embroider of the aura”. Our aura is a field of illuminating energy that surrounds the body. This energy gets blocked by the urban, modern lifestyle.  The green cleansing mountain energy is the ideal way to restore your aura.

This retreat aims to deeply recharge you at a level so deep, that you will feel well-rested and awakened. This will allow you to weave a fabric of consciousness, directly connected to your most true, luminous self.

If you seek something more than a usual summer yoga retreat join us! Join us no matter your level of yoga practice or your style. Everyone is welcome!

We promise a one of a kind experience that will help you restart and will inspire you to make positive, lasting changes.

At the high and eternal Greek mountains, the most subtle light of your highest self will rise bright and strong!


The elements of the experience

Konstantinos has designed for you a unique yoga retreat, drawing inspiration from the legend of the centaurs. Be prepared to enjoy healing practices that masterfully combine greek mythology with yoga philosophy.

The daily program includes yoga practices, meditation under centuries-old trees, pranayama at the fresh mountain air, hiking at the outset of the mountain, lots of laughing and enjoying the great company of an international community of yogis and yoginis. Moreover, we will nurture our body, mind, and soul with the best quality delicious Greek food (nutritious vegetarian meals) and by deeply connecting with the elements of nature around us.

During your free time, you can either explore the mountain and nearby villages or visit by car one of the many beautiful beaches of the area to enjoy the sun and the sea.


The teacher

Konstantinos is a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Holistic Wellness Coach, Ayurveda Practitioner and devoted father, who has dedicated his life to personal transformation.

He has spent over 30 years studying, practicing and sharing Yoga. His diverse knowledge of human potential includes classic studies on physical education, Ayurveda, psychology, NLP and hypnotherapy.

His approach to share yoga with others incorporates with philosophy and personal development techniques giving the participants the opportunity to develop an internal awareness that can truly transform their lives to the best.

He deeply believes in the power of the myth as a means of communicating philosophical concepts and practices that make our life meaningful and full of joy

He lives in Athens, Greece working as a yoga teacher and wellness coach. He also travels and teaches internationally. Through his work he aims to inspire people to live their lives to the fullest.


The venue

The retreat will be held at Pelion Homes, a premium venue located at the picturesque, traditional village Agios Georgios Nilias. Pelion Homes provides high quality holiday villas and experiences for people who love nature and serenity. The owners are a Greek family that has fallen in love with this beautiful mountain called Pelion! There they created sanctuary for every yoga and nature lover.

Imagine doing your practice surrounded by the breathtaking panoramic views overlooking the Pagasitikos Gulf and Pelion mountain.

A truly unique and wonderful venue that you will feel in love with. Where you can breathe, unwind and relax whilst embarking upon a new and enlightening spiritual journey. A place where you will be submerged within nature and find your inner self.


Accommodation and Food


Spacious, traditional, luxury, private villas and stone houses that will make your holiday truly feel like home. The accommodation is offered in limited single or double rooms inside the villas. You can see photos of the accommodation at the photo gallery below.


Three meals are offered during the day (brunch, lunch and dinner). All meals are carefully prepared by using selected ingredients that complement the intake of necessary vitamins and micronutrients that are extremely beneficial for our nutrition!

Our food will be tasty, vegetarian and made with organic, traditional products mostly grown in the area. Please inform us for any food preferences or allergies. Complimentary drinks include; water, herbal tea, green & black tea, coffee.



First Day – Daily Schedule 

Arrival & Check-in Day, Wednesday 24rth

  • Check-in starts at 12.00 .
  • 17:00 – 19:30 opening circle get to introduce each other, followed by a grounding asana class.
  • 20:00 dinner

Sample of Daily Schdule*:

  • 07:00-­‐9:30: Morning asana & meditation class
  • 09:45 : Breakfast
  • 14:00 : Lunch
  • 18:30: Evening Class
  • 20:00: Dinner

*Daily schedule may change according to the needs of general program

Last day & Departure, Sunday 28th of June

07:00-­‐10:00 – asana practice and closing circle until 10:00.

Check out at 12:00.

For all of you that have made your arrangements to leave in the afternoon, we will have a special area where you can leave your belongings, so you can enjoy the nature and sun!



Additional offerings

There are options if you wish to explore the area by participating in the following:

  • Beachside or cross country ‘mountain biking tour’* 
Prices start at 65€ per person (minimum 3 people). The typical route lasts 3-5 hours depending on your level and you can decide whether you want to go along the coastline or more so in the mountain.
  • Explore the region. Discover the sights, beaches and villages of the region*
A morning trip to Tsagarada that combines an afternoon at the beach (Mylopotamos or Fakistra) beach.  Cost: €30 per person including transfers and packed lunch (minimum numbers required for the minibus).
  • Take a day trip on the old Pelion Steam Train*
The old steam train costs about 20€ per adult. It sets off from Ano Lechonia around 9:30 am and and returns late in the afternoon after reaching Millies. Transfer from 15€ per person (minimum numbers required for the minibus).
  • Explore the area by car or by bike!

We highly suggest exploring Mount Pelion, nearby villages and crystal-clear beaches. If you are interested, please inform us so we can recommend car and bike rentals.


Participation & Registration

Per person in a double room is 900 € 

Single room *: 1100

*Single room availability is very limited and will be offered on the base of first come first served.

The prices include accommodation, three meals a day and all yoga practice. To secure your place you need to deposit 450 € .

For more information regarding the registration, payment and bank accounts info for deposits please send an email at register@konstantinosc.com .

Payment & Cancellation Policy

Full payment until May 22 2020. For cancellations received 30 days prior to the event: full participation fee minus €250 for admin, hotel and transaction fees. No refunds for cancellations in less than 30 days’ notice, unless we can fill your space. In case of retreat cancellation on our behalf, full retreat participation refund (ticket and transportation costs not included).

Refund Policy

In case of Retreat cancellation there is full retreat fee refund (tickets and transportation cost not included).

For more information regarding the registration and payment please contact us via email to register@konstantinosc.com .

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