Ayurveda Through Practice at Cihangir Yoga on March 20-22

20 March - 22 March

I am always excited to come back and have once again the opportunity to teach a community as vibrant and delightful as Cihangir’s Yoga community.🙂

A 15 hours course on Ayurveda Through Practice, will give you an insight on how these two ancient sciences complete each other, giving birth to something wonderful.

In this program, designed for both yoga teachers and yoga students, you will learn the basic principles of Ayurveda and how to use these principles as a way of bringing this philosophy into life.

Moreover, you will gain knowledge about the Pancha Mahabhutas or the five great elements and how to use them to enhance the practice.

You will also earn a deeper understanding of your body type and basic concepts of Ayurveda. This knowledge is useful both in your personal practice and also when you teach someone else.

These hours count towards the Cihangir Yoga 300 Hour Transformative Yoga Path.

Date: March 20-22, 2020
Location: Cihangir Yoga, İstinye
Hours:Friday : 18.30-21.30
Saturday- Sunday : 11.30 – 17.30

📌Last date for early bird 20 February.

If you want to register visit: https://www.cihangiryoga.com/…/ayurveda-through-practice-wi…

Thank you 🙏

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