Live the Life you Love

by Konstantinos Charantiniotis

This is an integration of Yogi practices and personal development techniques. Here is what you will get from my coaching sessions:

–     Life Direction and Value Planning

–     Balance and Inner-Peace

–     Support and Motivation with Life Goals

–     Inspiration and Well-being

–     Develop Healthy Relationships

Reach the height of you personal development. These sessions are geared to assist you, as together we will discover and uncover what’s most important in your life.

Sessions focus on setting and achieving specific goals, while working to eliminate any obstacles, physical or mental, standing in your way.

You will gain tools to navigate your life with greater ease and grace, stering closer to your true purpose.

This is an invitation to live a life of authenticity, passion, and soulful belief in the possibility of all things.


Coaching sessions are designed to work around your lifestyle and can therefore be delivered live or through Skype.

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